If you need a doctor urgently outside of Nandal Hospital opening hours, call emergency appointment number for emergency service.

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Here at Nandal Hospital we have individual doctor’s lists. Click read more below to see services and current timetable for our doctors.

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Monday - Saturday 09.00AM - 01.00 PM

Monday - Saturday 04.00PM - 07.00 PM

24 Hours Emergency Services Available

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Welcome To Nandal Hospital

NANDAL HOSPITAL by Nandal Group of Dermatology, Gynecology & Obstetrics offers best treatment and care to all its patients backed – up by the ultra-modern techniques and equipment’s. The emergency cases are managed by the highly experienced doctors supported by skilled and experienced emergency nursing staff. The hospital works in goal of providing best care to every patient with its team of skilled doctors & trained staff.

Our spectrum of services in hair transplant clinic includes hair loss treatments in men & women, hair gain, skin treatments for all type of skin problems is taken care by the dermatology department and gynecology clinic handles all the cases related to birth, maternity period, painless labor, Delivery, maternity and child care. The pre-hospital care has been provided with fully equipped ambulance managed by trained paramedical hospital staff. We are well equipped with all latest technology and equipment’s to provide with best treatment to the patients.

Best gynecology hospital in Rohtak:
It has been one of the best gynecology hospital in Rohtak for providing motherly care to all the patients and treating with best techniques for all the problems. Our team of gynecologists & obstetrician has been working with top hospitals and are highly experienced to handle the most complicated cases. We have treated all type of conditions from pregnancy, delivering baby, maternity period, periods, care of sensitive areas, vaginal infections, childbirth problems etc. in our gynecology clinic. We deeply understand women health and its related complexities. So, we have well-equipped us with everything modern and updated to address all the problems well.

Our hair transplant center specializes in everything related hair gain using transplantation techniques and gaining back your beautiful hair. The hair clinic helps you get your hair transplanted from one area to another using the best technique as per the hair and the scalp analysis. All the procedures are safe with no side-effects and results best. Our hair transplant surgeon has a deep analysis of the scalp & hair and area to be affected to provide with best possible treatment. Our team of experts understands every bit of hair and consult you with the most suitable technique required for your wished results.

Best Dermatologist in Rohtak
Our skilled dermatologists working at the skin clinic of our hospital, have hands-on experience in curing all skin-related problems like allergies, infections, acne, laser treatments, blemish & dark spot removals, eczema, and more. We offer skin treatments to men and women of all ages in Rohtak and help you regain your desired skin again. We value your beauty and understand your concerns related to your skin, as it is the most sensitive but also the most exposed part of your body. Therefore, our dermatologists make sure to take care of your skin as you do and provide you with the best treatment for your skin problems.

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Our Professional Doctor's Team
  • Dr.Preeti Nandal, M.S.Gynaecologist

    Dr. Preeti Nandal has completed her M.B.B.S. from renowned PGIMS Rohtak and M.S. (Obstetrics & Gynaecology) from prestigious Maulana Azad Medical College, New Delhi.

  • Dr. Ramesh Kumar Nandal, MD

    Dr. Ramesh Kumar Nandal served in Haryana Civil Medical Services. He did M.D. in Obstetrics and Gynaecology from the same prestigious institute and again joined Haryana.

  • Dr. Vinay Nandal, MD in dermatology

    Dr. Vinay Kumar Nandal (Dermatologist & Hair Transplant Surgeon) is one of the most renowned dermatologists and hair transplant surgeon in Rohtak, Haryana.

Why Choose Us
  • Patients are priority:

    For us our patients are the foremost priority. We make sure to treat each of our patients with special care and provide them with warm environment to feel good and get well soon.

  • Skilled & Experienced Doctors:

    Our team of doctors are highly skilled and experienced to provide you with best treatment for all your problems. They attempt to focus on proper diagnosis, attention to the problem with utmost care.

  • Highly developed & modern technology assistance:

    We at Nandal Hospital are equipped with all the modern medical equipment’s and technology to treat the patients at the best. We aim at providing best medical facilities to our patients.

  • Emergency Care:

    A Dedicated Emergency department is there to take care of all the emergency cases in the best way. The emergency staff tends to take care of the patient and provide in with first-aid as required.


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Paitent Testimonials
  • Doctor Dr. Preeti Nandal treated me well for my periods issue. I was properly diagnosed, and treatment was given to help get rid of problem forever. The Doctor and hospital staff is very friendly and helps you to feel comfortable over there.

  • Warm environment and compassionate staff makes Nandal Hospital. Complete care was taken care of me and my baby during my pregnancy and safe delivery was done. My baby was healthy at birth due to doctor consultation and advices. Thansk to Dr Preeti...

  • My skin had lots of acne spots that made me looked ugly. I went through lots of treatments before I could trust dr Vinay Nandal at Nandal Hospital. But I was shocked to start seeing results within a week. Happy to get treatment here. Thanks to Dr. Vinay..

  • Due to stress and bad habits I lost lots of my hair on my scalp. Its when I finally chose to get hair loss treatment for me. Dr. Vinay has diagnosed my hair & scalp properly and then provided me with best treatment. He helped with every doubt and guided toward healthy living.